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About me

Jamar Lockhart, Owner & Artist

From as far back as I can remember I’ve always been interested in art.  


I was born and raised in Detroit, MI and found my passion for art very early in life. I watched my uncle Derrick, grandmother Gloria, and most importantly my father, Jerome all create masterful drawings. My dad had the greatest influence on me as an artist. I felt if I could impress him, I was good. As a kid, I loved to color in coloring books. I loved to take my time and color inside the lines, from there, my interest grew into creating my own characters and drawing superheroes and wrestlers. 


My first feeling of “I’m pretty good” came when I was a student at MacCullogh Elementary School. Teachers such as Ms. Landau and Mrs. Wesson really helped foster my skills and further my interest in art. When I reached Hampton Middle School, my interest was at an all-time high. My art teacher Ms. Litvak would enter my work into contest and often excuse me from the regular art lessons so that I could work on “special” projects. One such project was creating a painting that was based off of a drawing my dad created of me and my sister. That painting would later hang in the school’s hallway.


While attending Oakland University, I took painting, drawing, large scale and even a nude figuring class. In my spare time, I started hand painting t-shirts and pants for students on campus to make extra money.


After graduating with my bachelor’s degree in Communication, I started working as a long-term substitute at Detroit Enterprise Academy, teaching, you guessed it, art. I loved working with students. I taught K-8th grade and loved every minute of it. I poured into students the same interest that I received as a student from my teachers. I helped to grow some awesomely talented art students. 


While teaching, I started customizing paintings for people. Using my skills, I learned from my college professors, I started to create works of art that were abstract, realistic and portrait style. This continued into today where I am proud to say that I have produced more than 150 pieces for customers, including family, friends and art enthusiasts all over. I’ve participated in 7 exhibits, including Naked vs. Nude art exhibition at North End Studio, YOU Belong exhibit at Chroma Detroit, Connected to All: Environment + People + Community exhibit with Detroit Fine Arts Breakfast Club, Youth Are Bigger Than Life Silent Auction with the Cochran Firm Detroit, BIG and Abstract exhibit, NINA exhibit, and most recently, my first solo Exhibit, In Living Color all at Norwest Gallery of Art in Detroit, MI

My pieces have been purchased by the Visa Corporation, The Freelon Apartment Building in Detroit, MI, George Law Firm in Royal Oak, Michigan, The Cochran Firm in Detroit, MI and esteemed art collectors around the country.


Overall, I love to create and use my inspiration, imagination and skill set to bring ideas to life.

"I don't only have a social responsibility but a moral obligation to put positivity into the atmosphere."


 -Jamar Lockhart, courtesy of Parkview Magazine

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